Universal Fuse Box & Harness

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Upgrade your OEM fuse box with an MGI automotive fuse panel (AFP) that balances value and versatility while protecting your loads. Built with your choice of 12, 15, or 18 fuses that are ready to connect to your standard OEM accessories such as lights, wipers, power windows, and more.

  • 12, 15, or 18 smart LED fuses that glow when blown
  • Dedicated START / ACC / IGN / BAT circuits
  • Built-in horn relay, signal & hazard flashers
  • Labeled power cables for easy installation
  • Built with durable, light-weight aluminum
  • Optional wiring harness with up to 567ft of labeled TXL wire.
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Reliable Protection
for all your standard 12v accessories

Universal Fuse Box Features
what makes our fuse panel special

As car enthusiasts and builders, we understand the importance of a custom car fuse box when refurbishing a vehicle. That’s why we’ve designed versatile, universal fuse panels with smart fuses that glow when they blow, allowing for easy visual inspection and replacement. All our fuse boxes integrate with a standard ignition key switch with ACC / OFF / IGN / START positions. For all projects involving electric motors or high-current accessories, use only our AFP15 or AFP18 fuse panels.

When it comes to professional car builders and drivers, an MGI automotive fuse box offers the dependability and protection you need. Along with an in-depth installation manual, premium GXL or SGX feeder conductor, and a full set of crimp terminals, you’ll have everything you need to connect and protect your loads.

Fuse Panel Wiring Diagrams
how to install your automotive fuse panel


initial installation

Install the AFP inside the cabin of the vehicle (under the dashboard). Secure the ground wire to the chassis. Then, connect your battery, alternator, and ignition key switch to the AFP using the labeled red conductor. See the AFP18 installation manual for more details.


Identify your fuses

A bit of planning goes a long way. Decide which devices should be powered directly from the battery, or powered through key switch ignition and accessory positions. To make it easier, we’ve developed a table showing many popular OEM devices and their respective fuses.


Connect your loads

Finally, connect your devices to the appropriately numbered screw terminal. Need wire? Our optional, high-temperature TXL wire sets are conveniently cut, colored, and labeled for easy use.

what comes with every universal fuse panel kit

  • Aluminum box with 12, 15, or 18 built-in LED blade fuses
    • Smart LED fuses glow when blown
  • Integrated horn relay 40A
  • Integrated signals flasher and hazards flasher
  • Integrated red power cables
    • Labeled for easy installation
    • 10′ of #12 AWG
    • 10′ of #10 AWG
    • 15′ of #8 and/or #6 AWG
  • Main fuse holder and fuse
    • Mini ANL / MIDI style bolt-down fuse
  • Numbered screw terminal strips for easy connection to outgoing circuits
    • Screws are #6 bolt size
    • See wiring diagram for more details

Answers to Popular questions

What else do I need?

Apart from an MGI fuse panel, make sure you have an alternator that can provide enough current for the total load, a proper battery, and lots of automotive wire.

Optional Wire Harness Sets are available for each of the 12, 15, and 18 fuse panels and include all ground circuits and harnesses — up to 567ft of wire.

  • Ground wiring sets & ground wire ring terminals
  • Orange wire ring terminal set for the instrument and gauge cluster
  • Complete package of fork and bullet terminals

The TXL high-temperature wire in the assembly sets are also marked with the corresponding AWG, followed by a 3-digit terminal number that each wire is to be connected to. That’s right, everything is labeled. For more details, see our Fuse Panel Wire Harness specs.

Why buy a universal fuse board?

When rebuilding or refurbishing your vehicle, you’ll inevitably find that the original fuse box can’t support added high-current electrical devices. And when it comes to race and show cars, you’re bound to need electric pumps, fans, xenon or halogen headlights and more.

But why not just use relays?

Adding any motor or high-current device necessitates the use of a relay to switch that load On and Off – which is fine for any 12 volt car fuse box. However, motor loads should not be put through the OEM ignition key switch. Most OEM ignition key switches are only rated 30A at 12vDC.

A quick example
  • Have a radiator with two 12″ fans? Likely a 24A load.
  • Add an electric water pump – another 12A.
  • Add an electric fuel pump – easily another 10A.
  • An electric meth pump – again, certainly 10A.
  • MSD electronic ignition? – generally 8A.
  • Headlights – about 6A.

The total above comes to 70A. You cannot route this total load through an ignition key switch in a standard OEM automotive fuse panel. The key switch will inevitably fail when controlling such a large amount of power. The solution? An MGI fuse block with dedicated motor and high-current circuits.

How do MGI universal fuse boxes differ from OEM?

For example, the MGI AFP18 fuse box has 22 defined circuits that are “key switched”. These are intended for OEM loads such as the radio, wipers, power windows, etc. That means any device normally operated through the Start, Accessories, ON, and OFF key switch positions. Included are 9 predetermined circuits (with deliberately sized fuses) for standard, battery-fed key switch accessories such as headlights, hazard flashers, horns, and power locks and windows.

You’re left with 5 circuits that are connected directly to the battery (not through the key switch) and are intended for motor loads. A detailed circuit scheme can be found in the AFPX manual.

How do I add another circuit to an MGI fuse panel?

The unique design of an MGI fuse panel allows for the addition of extra circuits.

Where it is deemed safe to do so (considering the circuit capacity and actual load of the user selected circuit), start by loosening the fuse panel screw terminal. Then, slide in another fork crimp terminal with the sub-circuit wire, making sure that both the new and original fork terminals are back-to-back. Finally, tighten the screw and check that both fork terminals are secured. That’s it! No wire cutting required.

The ability to add extra circuits makes the MGI fuse panel exceptional among universal fuse boxes.

Quick tips

Supplied crimp terminals for GXL or TXL wire may best be used per the following MGI standard:

  • Red crimp terminals: Use with #18, #16, and #14 AWG
  • Blue crimp terminals: Use with #12 AWG
  • Yellow crimp terminals: Use with #10 AWG


AFPX Specs

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.75" x 5.625" x 2.625"
45 oz

18 Automotive Fuse Panel — AFP18

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.75" x 5.625" x 2.625"
39 oz

15 Automotive Fuse Panel — AFP15

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.375" x 4.5" x 2.625"
36 oz

12 Automotive Fuse Panel — AFP12

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.375" x 4.5" x 2.625"
30 oz

12 Racing Fuse Panel — AFP12-R

All dimensions and weights are supplied as general information only and are not certified.

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  1. Jays Mustang (store manager)

    Stang is happy and so am I

  2. bigbrettsmall (store manager)

    no complaints

  3. Michael Mozenko (verified owner)

    Excellent quality fusebox – worked great for my vehicle where two other lesser quality fuseboxes did not. Highly recommend.

  4. Ralph (verified owner)

  5. Brennan Henyon (verified owner)

    It worked amazing! Only issue was i pulled the flashers out and they didn’t go back in the easiest. Flashers work for LED too! The wire harness is great wire i didn’t use there butt connectors, but all the terminal ends were good quality. I would highly suggest this to anyone rewiring whole car. Will use again for next car!

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    Image #1 from Brennan Henyon
  6. Brent H. (verified owner)

  7. Johnny Rushing (verified owner)

    Great craftsmanship nice quality parts

  8. Kevin Stafford (verified owner)

  9. Paul K (verified owner)

    Same comments as above.

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Before finalizing your purchase

It is important to familiarize yourself with the MGI panel Installation Manual. Not only does this help you to select the appropriate options for your race panel, it will enable you to tackle any troubleshooting issues with confidence.