LED Blade Fuses (3 pack)

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Smart glow (or blow glow) fuses are a must-have for any automotive or marine project. When an intelligent LED fuse “blows”, it “glows” – providing you an immediate visual cue as to which fuse needs replacement. This innovative feature helps to locate blown fuses, especially those in a dimly-lit location such as dashboards or engine compartments.

  • Great for cars, trucks, boats, ATVs / UTVs, Jeeps and more
  • Available in 5 – 40A current ratings
  • Rated for 12V applications
  • 3 fuses per package
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How to choose the right smart glow fuse
reliable protection starts with correctly sized fuses

The following table outlines MGI’s maximum fuse sizing recommendations for various electrical inputs.

Electric motors (variable torque – pumps & fans)fuse size = ( motor rated current x 2.5 )
Resistive loads (standard lighting)fuse size = (load rated current x 1.25)
Spotlights or high-current resistive loads such as amplifiersfollow only the wire and fuse size recommendations of the load manufacturer

Always follow the load manufacturer’s guide for your specific load over that of MGI’s general recommendations.

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