Roll Bar Clamps (Pair)

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Easily mount your switch panel using high-quality roll cage clamps

Heavy-duty billet type roll bar clamps come in pairs and are available in 1.625” and 1.75” diameter sizes.

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How to Mount Your Race Panel with MGI Roll Bar Clamps
straightforward panel mounting using high-quality clamps

To mount the clamps onto an MGI switch panel enclosure, drill a 13/64” hole halfway between the enclosure’s existing sets of pre-drilled mounting holes, or drill the new 13/64” holes anywhere along the center length/horizontal axis of the enclosure to suit. Billet clamps are supplied with their own cap screws, plus four 10/32″ x 3/8″ cap screws and nuts to close off the enclosure’s factory-drilled mounting holes. Nuts should be installed on the inside of the enclosure.
roll bar clamps with switch box


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It is important to familiarize yourself with the MGI panel Installation Manual. Not only does this help you to select the appropriate options for your race panel, it will enable you to tackle any troubleshooting issues with confidence.