Relay Transbrake Lockout Circuit

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Prevent inadvertent use of the transbrake once your car has been launched with MGI’s Relay Transbrake Lockout Circuit.

  • Lock out your transbrake after the transbrake pushbutton has been pressed once and released.
  • Reset the lockout circuit by turning the arming switch OFF and back ON.
  • Relays come with built-in flyback diodes.
  • For transbrake solenoids rated up to 5A at 12vDC: Choose the 3-relay controller.
  • For larger solenoids rated up to 15A: Choose the 4-relay controller.
  • Optional spiral-line momentary pushbutton and arming switch.
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    Choose a fuse with 3x the amperage rating of your transbrake solenoid

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Transbrake Lockout Circuits by MGI SpeedWare
Your race car deserves a reliable and high-quality transbrake lockout circuit

MGI’s relay transbrake lockout circuits are designed to lock out the transbrake once the transbrake button has been pressed and released.

  • Prevent inadvertent use of the transbrake once a car has been launched on a race track.
  • Also useful when using an air shifter switch mounted on the steering wheel.
  • Proudly designed and assembled in North America.
  • Caution! – leave the arming switch in its OFF position when the transbrake is not intended for use.

While competitor transbrake lockouts are mostly timer circuits (where the driver has to be very aware of the timer settings), MGI’s transbrake system is a no-brainer preventative lockout. If the driver makes a mistake on the tree – for example, accidentally releasing the transbrake button too early (say he/she forgot to step on the gas), then the driver simply has to manually flip OFF and ON the arming switch to reset the circuit.

With it’s ease of use and driver-safety design, MGI’s relay controller is the BEST TB-lockout on the market.

3 vs 4 relay controllers
the right lockout controller depends on your transbrake solenoid

transbrake relay circuit

3 Relay Transbrake Lockout Circuit (TRTLC)

Operate a transbrake rated up to 5A
  • Controller rated 10A
  • Dimensions: 5.5″L x 4.125″W x 3″D
  • Requires a momentary pushbutton or Microswitch that is rated minimally 10A
transbrake relay circuit

4 Relay Transbrake Lockout Circuit (FRTLC)

For a larger transbrake rated up to 15A
  • Controller rated 30A
  • Your choice of fuse: 15A, 20A, 25A, or 30A
  • Dimensions: 5.625″L x 3.325″W x 2.875″D
  • Requires a momentary pushbutton or Microswitch that is rated minimally 1A

The selected fuse should be 3x the rating of your transbrake amps. (applies only the the FRTLC)

How To Use
Simply arm, engage, and release your transbrake – but only once!

22mm Push Button 6-Pin Blue LED

STEP 1 – Arm Your Transbrake

To arm the transbrake, turn on the transbrake arming switch. At this point, the transbrake push button is live.

22mm Push Button 6-Pin Blue LED

STEP 2 – Hold and Launch

With the transmission in 1st gear, press and hold the transbrake pushbutton to engage the transbrake. Release the pushbutton to launch.

22mm Push Button 6-Pin Blue LED

STEP 3 – Reset the Circuit

Once the pushbutton has been pressed and released one time, the pushbutton will no longer function until the transbrake arming switch has been turned off then back on (causing the circuit to reset).

How to wire the transbrake lockout circuit

6 pin led push button switch wiring diagram


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