Racing Fuse Box with Relays

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A versatile pre-wired fuse box with 3 built-in relays. Designed for up to 11 high-power, relay-controlled accessories such as electric motors, pumps and fans.

  • 11 battery-fed fused power circuits with 1 control fuse circuit
  • 3 pre-wired relays — easily connect 8 more
  • Integrated control and power circuits
  • LED smart fuses that glow when blown
  • Dedicated arming switch circuit to enable/disable all relays

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Relay Fuse Box Features
a racing-inspired integration of relays and fuses


The AFP12-R racing fuse box gives you high-current protection for your switches, relays, and loads. With smart blade fuses that glow when they blow, you’ll save time and effort when identifying tripped circuits. There’s a single 5A control fuse to protect your switches and 11 individual power fuses. What’s more, all circuits that are internally pre-wired with high temperature GXL and/or TXL, which is rated 125°C (257°F).


An MGI pre-wired racing fuse panel has 3 built-in relays and can incorporate up to 8 external relays and loads with minimal wiring involved. But what’s with all the relays? With most race cars, standard OEM accessories are not needed and are stripped from the vehicle. You’re left only with high-current accessories like cooling fans, methanol pumps, HID lights, etc., which need relays for proper operation.


Unlike most other custom fuse boxes that are made of plastic, MGI fuse panels are fabricated from lightweight aluminum. All you need to do is wire your loads and relays to the always reliable screw terminal strips. With 12 fuses and 11 load circuits, that’s a lot of wiring. But don’t worry — our racing fuse box is internally pre-wired and ready to go.

How does it work?
conveniently pre-wired with relay control and power circuits



11 battery-direct circuits are primed to protect and link together your fuses, switches, and loads with minimal wiring involved. That’s because MGI’s racing fuse box integrates both CONTROL and POWER circuits, greatly simplifying the task of wiring external relays for all your high-current devices. Simply mount up to 8 external relays near the AFP12-R and connect to the appropriate labeled terminal.

What are relay control and power circuits?
Note — LED control switches cannot be used with ground-activated, built-in relays

For non-racing projects such as OEM vehicle upgrades with standard ignition, see our universal 12, 15, and 18 fuse panels .

Relay Fuse Box Wiring Diagrams
how to install your racing relay fuse panel


initial installation

Install the AFP12-R inside the cabin of the vehicle (under the dashboard). Secure the ground wire to the chassis. Then, connect your battery and main fuse to the AFP12-R. Don’t forget to connect your arming/kill switch to enable/disable all circuits. See the AFP12-R installation manual for more details.


Connect your starter

Connect your starter solenoid using an ignition pushbutton or key switch. Refer to the appropriate wiring diagram. In either case, the ignition switch must control an external relay, which, when activated, powers the solenoid and starts the vehicle.


Connect your loads

Use the tables to wire all external switches, relays, and loads. Since there exists plenty of possible wiring schemes, our tables show two contrasting cases when it comes to the number of relays used: a) Incorporating relays into ALL 11 circuits (including the 3 built-in relays), and b) Using only the minimum 3 built-in relays with the remaining 8 non-relay loads.

Keep in mind that for variable torque (pump/fan) motor loads, our 14 AWG pre-wired 20A fuses are specifically sized for 8A max motor loads while our 12 AWG pre-wired 30A fuses are sized for 12A max motor loads.

Although it’s easy to swap out fuses, we strongly recommend replacing original fuses with smaller sizes only.

what comes with every relay fuse panel kit

What’s built-in

  • Aluminum box with 12 built-in LED blade fuses
    • 5 x 30A fused load circuits fed with 12 AWG
    • 6 x 20A fused load circuits fed with 14 AWG
    • 1 x 5A control circuit fuse
    • Fuses glow when they blow
    • Easy to replace
  • Three (3) built-in load switching relays
    • 40A ground activated
  • Main power input lug
    • 1/4” stud rated 165A
    • Optional 8, 6, or 4 AWG feeder conductor
  • Numbered Screw terminal strips easy connection of outgoing circuits
    • Screws are #6 bolt size
    • See wiring diagram for more details

What’s included

  • Optional main fuse holder and main fuse
    • Mini ANL / MIDI style bolt-down fuse
  • Fork crimp terminals set
    • 30 red fork terminals for use with 18, 16 and 14 gauge GXL wire
    • 30 blue fork terminals for use with 12 gauge GXL wire
  • 1 x 1/2” strain relief connector
    • For use with main feeder if needed

Answers to Popular questions

Why buy a custom car fuse box?

Most OEM fuse boards are built from flimsy plastic in an effort to cut costs at the expense of durability. But when it comes to your prized show car, truck, or boat, quality should never be sacrificed. An MGI lightweight aluminum fuse block offers the upgraded protection that your vehicle deserves.

How do I add another circuit to an MGI race car fuse panel?

The unique design of an MGI fuse block allows for the addition of extra circuits.

Where it is deemed safe to do so (considering the circuit capacity and actual load of the user selected circuit), start by loosening the fuse block screw terminal. Then, slide in another fork crimp terminal with the sub-circuit wire, making sure that both the new and original fork terminals are back-to-back. Finally, tighten the screw and check that both fork terminals are secured. That’s it! No wire cutting required.

The ability to add extra circuits makes the AFP12-R exceptional among racing fuse boxes.

Quick tips

Supplied crimp terminals for GXL or TXL wire may best be used per the following MGI standard:

  • Red crimp terminals: Use with #18, #16, and #14 AWG
  • Blue crimp terminals: Use with #12 AWG
  • Yellow crimp terminals: Use with #10 AWG


AFPX Specs

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.75" x 5.625" x 2.625"
45 oz

18 Automotive Fuse Panel — AFP18

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.75" x 5.625" x 2.625"
39 oz

15 Automotive Fuse Panel — AFP15

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.375" x 4.5" x 2.625"
36 oz

12 Automotive Fuse Panel — AFP12

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.375" x 4.5" x 2.625"
30 oz

12 Racing Fuse Panel — AFP12-R

All dimensions and weights are supplied as general information only and are not certified.

4 reviews for Racing Fuse Box with Relays

  1. AdamM (store manager)

    Solid unit and does what I need it to do. lots going on so take the time to sit do wn and make your own wiring diagrams first.

  2. theowoodward (store manager)

    Really good.

  3. carlton.calhoun122 (store manager)

    Bought from mgi before, wasn’t dissapointed. This fuse box is mostly designed for relays and high-power, but if you know what you’re doing you can wire it for anything really.

  4. Paul Behofist (verified owner)

    great product fast shipping

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