Pre-Wired LED Light — 3mm Blue (5 pack)

$8.49 (USD)

A 3mm LED that comes pre-wired and includes a current limiting resistor and cross-connecting diode. Designed for 12 volt circuits and is easy to mount through a metal panel. Available in bright blue and sold as a package of 5 LEDs.

This LED is extremely bright and eye-catching. If you want it to be more dim, an extra resistor can be purchased. Connecting this extra resistor in series with the LED will significantly decrease the total brightness.

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How to install a pre-wired LED light
Easy to install, long life, and super bright

LED light glowing

Although this bright blue 12V LED comes with a current limiting resistor, an extra damper resistor is recommended in order to decrease the LED luminosity if necessary. Simply connect the resistor in series with the LED using the black (common ground) wires. For multiple LEDs, a single series resistor should suffice.

led diode with resistor

For insertion into your own panel/mounting surface, drill a 3mm hole, insert the LED, and then add a drop of adhesive to keep the LED in place. A beveled protrusion prevents the LED from being pushed past the hole.

panel plate with mounted LEDs


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