Relay Control Center 80A

$95.00 (USD)

A heavy-duty relay control center for cars, trucks, boats and more.

  • Heavy-duty 80amp SPST relay for extreme high-power control
  • Relay and fuse holder installed on solid aluminum baseplate
  • 7′ of 10 gauge red GXL conductor for relay input/output power
  • 5′ of 18 gauge white GXL for control circuit power
  • Choose your own fuse
  • Protect your relay from flyback voltage when the power supply is suddenly disconnected. See What is a Flyback Diode? for more info.

    MGI can modify your RCP1 to accept #8 AWG wire for load input / output. Some fuel pumps recommend 8 gauge wire for safe usage. Select this option if you'd like MGI to modify your RCP1 for use with 8 gauge wire. Comes with a 70A fuse and #8 gauge wire instead of #10.

    Choose the size of your branch fuse. We offer fuses sized between 40A - 100A. If this checkbox is not selected, MGI will install a 50A fuse.

BULK ORDERS – please contact for availability.


what comes with every 80A relay center kit

  • 80A Relay installed on aluminum baseplate
    • Heavy-duty SPST relay with normally open N.O. output
  • Branch fuse & branch fuse holder
    • Mini ANL / MIDI style bolt-down fuse
  • 5’ GXL #10 AWG red (fuse input)
  • 2’ GXL #10 AWG red (relay output)
  • 5’ GXL #18 AWG white (control circuit power)
  • All necessary crimp terminals

Answers to Popular questions

Why buy a custom relay panel?

When rebuilding, restoring, or refurbishing your vehicle, you’re bound to need electric pumps, fans, spotlights and more. These high-current devices will damage regular ignition key switches or low-current switch panels — however, an electromagnetic switching relay box will give you the safe and reliable control you need.


Relay Center — RCP1 Specs

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H)
4.00" x 3.75" x 2.50"
11.0 oz
All dimensions and weights are supplied as general information only and are not certified.


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