Automotive Fused Relay 40A SPST

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Premium 40 amp relay with built-in fuse

This 4-pin SPST fused relay is exclusively manufactured for MGI so to handle 40A loads instead of the typical 30A. Relays control high-current loads that regular switches can’t. The built-in fuse protects your relay and device without added wiring.

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Why buy a fused relay socket harness
time-saving design for high-current electrical control

fused relay and 4 pin socket harness


Fused relays and sockets are a low-cost solution to high-current device control. When it comes to wiring electric accessories such as pumps, fans, spotlights, HID headlights, stereos, and more, a fused relay and socket gets the job done without breaking the piggy bank.


The 4 pin socket comes pre-wired for easy installation. A build-in fuse socket saves you time while wiring. Then, mount the socket and plug in the relay. That’s it!


Interlocking sockets lets you add or subtract any number of relays with ease. Can be rearranged, separated, and combined.

How to wire a 4 pin socket harness
pre-wired socket allows for easy installation

Pre-Wired Colors

  • 18 AWG White — 85 relay coil
  • 18 AWG Black — 86 relay coil
  • 14 AWG Red — 87 N.O.
  • 14 AWG Blue — 30 Common
5 pin relay socket wiring diagram

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