2 Pin Adjustable LED Flasher Relay

$9.99 (USD)

An adjustable flasher relay will make sure your LED turn signal lights blink at the desired rate.

  • 2-pin flasher relay for most Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha motorcycles
  • Easily change blinker rate from 50/min to 200/min
  • Electronic LED relay with no moving parts (does not click)
  • Can handle up to 42W. Make sure your total LED wattage is below this max rating
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Why use an adjustable flasher relay
electronic, adjustable design gives you classic functionality with modern versatility

turn signal blinker


Adjustable flasher relay works with most vehicles and motorbikes that use 2-pin flashers. “B” is for battery, “L” is for load. Use an intermediary relay for proper functioning.


Easily adjustable with the turn of a screw from 50 to 200 flashes / minute. This 2-pin, completely silent electronic relay works with LEDs only up to 42 watts.


Rated 400 hours continuous use. Since flasher relays are only active a fraction of the time, 400 hours can last a lifetime. Electronic LED relay with no moving parts.


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