80A Heavy-Duty Relay 4-Pin

$12.50 (USD)

80A heavy-duty relay with a normally open (NO) output.

This 12vDC automotive switching relay is the heavy-duty alternative to our 40A relay. Has 4 pin SPST make or break configuration. Comes with #10 AWG insulated crimp terminals. You can also choose to add #8 AWG non-insulated crimp terminals with heat shrink wrap, which is ideal for larger loads.

Easily control electric motors, pumps, fans, lights, and more. Can handle up to 64A resistive loads, and up to 32A electric motor loads (fans & pumps)

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How to wire a 4 pin heavy-duty relay
straightforward wiring for 80 amp electrical control

This 4 pin make & break relay acts as an ON/OFF switch that is normally OFF when no current is passing through terminal 85.

When current is allowed to pass through terminal 85 by means of a low-current switch, the relay turns ON and feeds power from terminal 30 to the high-current accessory on terminal 87.

Requires two 0.375″ yellow female disconnects for power circuit (terminals 30, 87) and two standard 0.250″ female disconnects (red or blue) for control circuit connections (terminals 85, 86).

MGI recommends sizing your relay / fuse at 1.25 x rated current for resistive loads and 2.5 x rated current for motor loads (fans & pumps)

4 pin relay diagram


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