8 Relay Panel SPST – All N.O. Contacts – ON SALE

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Get ultimate control of your high-current devices. MGI’s modular relay panel is designed for easy installation.

  • Pre-wired with 8 SPST relays rated 40A
  • Built-in smart LED fuses that glow when blown
  • Comes with main feeder and main fuse
  • Easy to wire — Standard normally open (N.O.) operation
  • Each individual relay can be wired for either positive or negative switching

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High-Power Automotive Control
for when regular switches won’t work


Your high-power solution for when regular switches can’t handle high-current loads. Adding relays can become a complicated and messy project ⁠— our fused relay boxes provide centralized control and protection with minimal wiring involved. Ideal for all automotive devices such as spotlights, motors, pumps, and fans.


Wiring is made easy. Each automotive relay box comes with a red main feeder cable and labeled screw terminals. Use the Installation Manual and wiring diagrams to help connect your power source, switches, and loads. It’s that easy.


Quality is Guaranteed. Every automotive relay box is tested, with relays rated 40A at 12 volts to ensure optimal reliability come race time. What’s more, our relay boxes are built with GXL high temperature wire, and with no-nonsense screw terminal strips for reliable input and output wiring.

Modular Relay Panel Features
use our interactive builder to customize your multi-relay control module


Battery Power

relay box power

Connect the red main feeder conductor to the car starter’s battery power terminal. Then, install the supplied main fuse and holder in the main feeder conductor between the starter and the power stud found inside the panel.


Switches & Grounds

relay switches

Install a ground wire between the relay panel and the auto chassis. Then, connect the control circuit terminal to your switch inputs, with switch outputs connected to the appropriate screw terminals.


Outgoing loads

relay box wiring

Connect your loads to the appropriate screw terminals. Ground your loads. See the 8 relay wiring diagram above.

what comes with every SPST automotive relay panel kit

  • Aluminum frame module and 8 built-in relays
    • 40 Amp SPST relays
    • Integrated fuses
  • Integrated LED blade fuses (+ spares)
    • ATC / ATO style blade fuse with LED light that glows when blown
    • Available in sizes 5 to 40A
  • 5A LED control circuit fuse (+ spare)
  • Main fuse & fuse holder
    • Mini ANL bolt-down fuse
    • Available in sizes up to 150A
  • 5′ main feeder conductor
    • Available in sizes up to #2 AWG
  • ½” strain relief cable gland(s)

Answers to Popular questions

Why buy a fuse & relay panel?

When rebuilding, restoring, or refurbishing your vehicle, you’re bound to need electric pumps, fans, spotlights and more. These high-current devices will damage regular ignition key switches or low-current switch panels — however, an electromagnetic switching relay panel will give you the safe and reliable control you need.

Can this relay box operate “normally closed” devices?

No. Our SPST relay boxes are designed for standard normally open (N.O.) loads only. However, our specialty SPDT Bosch style relay boxes can power devices that are normally closed.


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Before finalizing your purchase

It is important to familiarize yourself with the MGI panel Installation Manual. Not only does this help you to select the appropriate options for your race panel, it will enable you to tackle any troubleshooting issues with confidence.