5-Pin Relay 40A with Socket

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  • HIGH-POWER CONTROL — 40 amp relays are the perfect solution for when standard switches can’t handle high-current loads. Can handle up to 32A resistive loads and 16A motor loads
  • INTERLOCKING RELAY SOCKETS lets you add or subtract any number of relays with ease
  • GREAT QUALITY — Pre-wired relay harness with high-temperature color-coded GXL wire
  • Available with optional HEAVY-DUTY 12 gauge feeder wires installed on the power circuit terminals #30 and #87 (2ft and 5ft respectively). Especially useful for electric fuel pumps where the manufacturer recommends a #12ga feeder conductor.
    Reset options

    Protect your relays from flyback voltage when the power supply is suddenly disconnected. See What is a Flyback Diode? for more info. Note: WHITE wire is POSITIVE ONLY.

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High Current Control

Rated 40A at 12vDC. MGI recommends sizing your relay / fuse at 1.25 x rated current for resistive loads and 2.5 x rated current for motor loads (fans & pumps).

  • Terminals 85 & 86 connect to your switch and ground, while terminals 30 & 87 connect to your power supply and high-current load.
  • Terminal 87a can also be used for normally closed operation.

Easy Installation

The 5 pin socket comes pre-wired for easy installation.

  • Simply crimp terminals onto the wires and connect them to your load.
  • Interlocking sockets lets you add or subtract any number of relays with ease

High Quality Wire

Pre-wired relay harness with high-temperature color-coded GXL wire.

  • Stranded copper in cross-linked polyethylene
  • High heat tolerance — rated for temperatures up to 257°F (125°C)
  • Thin GXL wall — flexible, shape-retaining, and easy to handle

How to wire a 5-pin relay socket harness
pre-wired socket allows for easy installation

This 5 pin SPDT relay acts as either an ON/OFF or ON/ON switch depending on how it is wired. When relay terminal 85 is unpowered (by means of a low-current switch in the OFF position), high power current flows from terminal 30 through 87a. Alternatively, when current is allowed to pass through terminal 85, the relay flips and now feeds power from terminal 30 to the high-current accessory on 87.

Pre-Wired Colors

  • 18 AWG White — 85 relay coil
  • 18 AWG Black — 86 relay coil
  • 14 AWG Red — 87 N.O.
  • 14 AWG Yellow — 87a N.C.
  • 14 AWG Blue — 30 Common
5-pin relay socket wiring diagram

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