4 Lighted Toggle Panel with Safety Covers – Black

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When powered, these switches emit a wonderfully modern glow. Simple yet rugged, LED toggle switches have become increasingly popular with off-road enthusiasts around the globe. That’s why we’ve designed a high-quality switch panel to save you time and effort.

  • Black powdercoat steel faceplate and screws set
  • 4 ON/OFF lighted toggle toggles rated 20A + SPARE switch
  • Safety covers for quick shut-off
  • All necessary jumpers and crimp terminals
BULK ORDERS – please contact support@mgispeedware.com for availability.
BULK ORDERS – please contact support@mgispeedware.com for availability.


what comes with every lighted toggle board

Black steel faceplates are lightweight and laser cut for guaranteed precision and fit. Your lighted switch board has four circular cutouts and six pre-drilled mounting holes for quick installation. Manufactured in North America, MGI faceplates are designed with quality in mind.

Premium switches can be used to control incandescent lighting and fully resistive loads. Each ON/OFF maintained toggle switch is rated 20A at 12vDC.

Illuminated toggles are available in green only.

Jumpers & Crimp terminals are supplied so that you don’t have to guess what fits.

Black Steel Faceplate
Premium 20A Switches
Illuminated Colors


SPST switching is easy to use. You get on-off functionality with the flip of a switch. Safety covers allow for no-nonsense shutoff when you need it.


Comes with a helpful diagram to make wiring easy. Switches have three pins: connect your red power jumpers, black ground jumpers, and loads.


Powdercoat steel faceplate is scratch resistant with superior durability compared to plastic. Even more, the metal toggle switches are rated 20A at 12vDC.

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    Great product, definitely satisfied!

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Before finalizing your purchase

It is important to familiarize yourself with the MGI panel Installation Manual. Not only does this help you to select the appropriate options for your race panel, it will enable you to tackle any troubleshooting issues with confidence.