3-Pin LED Turn Signal Flasher Relay

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Fix hyper fast flashing with a solid state blinker relay

Have malfunctioning blinkers after installing LED signal lights? This hyper flash issue is caused when a thermal relay is connected to a low current consuming LED signal. The fix? An electronic signal relay will make sure your car or motorcycle lights flash at a normal rate.

As compared to a silent 2-pin flasher, this 3-pin flasher produces a classic blinking sound. This 3-pin flasher relay also works with regular filament type bulbs up to 150W. To install your new 3-pin relay, simply disconnect and replace the OEM signal flasher.

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Why use an LED signal flasher relay
classic functionality meets modern reliability

turn signal blinker


Flasher relay can handle 0.1W – 150W ordinary bulb or LED light — fixes hyper flashing. Simply replace your OEM thermal flasher with an LED flasher of the same pin configuration.


Produces that familiar and satisfying blinking noise.


Rated 400 hours continuous use. Since flasher relays are only active a fraction of the time, 400 hours can last a lifetime.


Body dimensions of 1.2” x 1.2” x 1.2” (30mm x 30mm x 30mm).


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