16 AWG In-Line Fuse Holder (+10A smart fuse)

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A 12vDC in-line fuse holder with 16 gauge wire on each side. Comes with a 10A smart glow blade fuse.

An open-type fuse holder design with no cover allows you to quickly determine whether a fuse has blown. Smart fuses glow when they blow!

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How to use a 16 AWG inline fuse holder
straightforward inline installation for a blade fuse holder

how to cut an inline fuse holder

Step 1: Cut the looped 16 gauge fuse holder wire near the middle. Typically equal lengths of wire on both sides will give you the best flexibility and ease of use.

Step 2: Connect one wire end to your power source and the other to the accessory that you are attempting to power.

how to wire an inline fuse holder
It’s that easy — your electric accessory is now protected by an innovative smart glow fuse.


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