Classic Car Projects

’66 Chevy Nova Engine Re-Build
a one-of-a-kind classic car project

It’s not too often you meet a classic project car named Gorgon — a ’66 Chevy Nova with 990hp that shouldn’t be street-legal but somehow is.

It’s fast — too fast. Feels like I’m going to meet my maker at the end of every quarter mile.

Its Gen V, Bowtie 502 block was bored to 4.500″, making it a 509 ci. mill. Has a custom radiator, custom headers, and an MGI SpeedWare fabricated methanol spray control panel. And to top it all off, this ’66 Nova boasts an impressive 4mi/gal. The Jerrycan is a life saver. Although it blusters with explosive quarter-mile power, Gorgon may be better suited for the comforts of show-car glory.

NitroSpeed Rally Team
1987 Toyota FX16

The 1987 Toyota FX16, a 2 year production car weighing in at 2150 lbs, packs more punch than you’d expect from a nostalgic hatchback. Toyota even showcased the FX16 model during the WRC Olympus Rally in the late 80s. What’s more, the car boasts frontwheel drive with 4 wheel disc brakes and a 1600 twin cam that lives happily all the way up to 7600rpm.

I am a rally organizer for the Oregon Rally group. Myself and my best friend are part of Northwest E-Crew, we are the emergency units in the woods for rally races. We wanted to have some fun so we built a special car to do rally cross.

Want to Race in Oregon? Check out the Oregon Rally Group

’71 AMC Hornet Project
a complete classic car project

The ’71 AMC Hornet SC360, a quick and compact 2-door muscle car with a planned production of 10,000, couldn’t outrun its ill-timed fate: rising fuel and insurance prices signaled the end of an era — production was cut and only 784 were made. With the help of Motor Trend magazine, which described the car as “just a plain gas to drive … it handles like a dream”, the ’71 Hornet soon became a coveted prize for many collectors.

One of 784 made, less than 100 currently titled worldwide. Factory 4 barrel, 4 speed, ram air car. Ran a best quarter mile time of 11.88 @ 119mph years ago with a 360.

Integra Build
55 weeks and counting

Not all restorations are Mustangs and Bel-Airs — sometimes the best passion projects involve a underrated import, like the Integra, that has slowly vanished from the streets. Case in point, this 55+ week project that has seen a complete rebuild.

I’ve gone over every bolt, every rivet, and every bushing… I wanted to make this car better than new and with the highest standards and quality. Once it’s done my immediate goal is to compete competitively within SCCA and go door to door with others in the same class.

Check out the Sports Car Club of America

VW Beetle Overhaul
a classic Volkswagen project

The bug was running when we bought it in Sep 2015, but the engine blew up ten minutes on the road home. When I pulled the engine, I discovered massive rust on the underside of the vehicle that had been well , and I replaced all the metal on the underside of the bug, and sent it to a body shop for painting.

Next project: ’71 Pontiac GT37

Viking 1 Restoration
a one-of-a-kind passion project

Conceived to win the Urban Vehicle Design Competition in 1972, Viking 1 was the first car built at the Vehicle Research Institute of Western Washington University. Its unique steering, which allowed the car to be parallel parked in a space only 10” longer than the car, earned the maneuverability and parkability awards. Viking 1 finished 3rd overall, beating heavy-weights such as Stanford and MIT.

Our project is the restoration of Viking 1, Western Washington University’s first student-built car, and the genesis of the engineering college’s Vehicle Research Institute… …We have a long journey ahead, but are enjoying every minute.

After a few months of glory (and one mysterious fire), Viking 1 was left to sit outside in the unforgiving weather of northwestern Washington. Its restoration included removing the original fuse box from beneath the dashboard and installing an MGI AFP12 fuse panel into the central console.

The latest Viking car is a tandem seat three wheeler that focuses on low-drag efficiency and low-cost production.

Toyota Tacoma Light Bar
a cost-effective modern project

Popular Truck Projects — Toyota Tacoma

It seems like the Toyota Tacoma is the perfect truck for aftermarket electrical upgrades. The Tacoma sports a relatively easy to replace switching section in the console both to the left and right of the steering wheel. This makes the Tacoma a popular candidate for custom switch panels with off-road toggles.

Great product and easy to use. And it looks great.

With metal toggle switches rated for 20A, this switch panel with carbon aircraft covers is perfect for controlling aftermarket lights and bars.

R33 Skyline Racing
World Time Attack ⁠— Sydney, Australia

Want to Race in Sydney? Check out the World Time Attack Challenge!

Sand Rail Racing
off-road desert electrics

Autocross Subaru
EJ20 turbo charged engine

Chevy Camaro SS
Racing Camaro SS with LS2 Block

’97 BMW M3
Modular V8 Coyote Swap

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