Our Mission
— why we exist

Founded in 2016, MGI SpeedWare specializes in automotive electrical protection, control, and everything in between. We are a team of engineers and scientists, with 40 years electrical expertise culminating into a singular vision: to deliver quality automotive electrics for the Pro-Street and Race Car industry — all at a superb price.

MGI SpeedWare mission

What Makes MGI SpeedWare Different
— who we are

We value being able to customize the things we want. That’s why we offer customizable control panels with fuses, relays, and six switch types transcending all classes of interest in the automotive aftermarket. Colors, fuse sizes, and optional breakers, LEDs, and more — these are yours to pick.

Our interactive panel builder lets you customize the product you need.

Not only do we offer great custom features, we will confidently beat our competitors’ prices. Using only the best materials from around the globe — including metal fabrication that is proudly North American — MGI SpeedWare guarantees outstanding quality at a great price.

Where We Want To Go
— our future together

MGI SpeedWare isn’t just a business — it’s a family of people embracing shared experiences and new ideas. That’s how we continually exceed our customers’ expectations.

We love fast cars and can’t wait to help build yours. With your support, we strive to become an automotive leader without losing sight of what makes MGI unique.

MGI — The Automotive Mark of Excellence

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